Health Surveillance

Health Screening make it possible for employers to minimise the health risks to workers, by monitoring health data through medical examination and establishing baseline measurements of specific health indicators.

Assessments provide a baseline understanding of the health status of current and prospective employees. They provide assurance of the suitability of an individual worker to a particular job role. Occuhealth understands the need for risk based health assessments and have designed our medical assessments to best ensure that the employee does not injure themselves at work by being un-fit for the job. 

Our clients can expect simple bookings, clear communication, fast turnaround, prompt results and timely reports, ensuring your employees and recruits are job ready - fast!

Our team of qualified, accredited Healthcare Professionals is headed by a Medical Practitioner and includes a Medical Review Officer, Occupational Health Nurses, Physiotherapist/Ergonomist, Audiometric Officers, Drug and Alcohol Collection Specialists and Spirometry Technicians.

All of our health surveillance medical services can be performed at our Belmont and Mandurah locations, or via our mobile service directly at employer sites, including:

  • Audiometric Testing (Workcover compliant or standard)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function)
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Biological Monitoring (chemical exposures in the workplace) & Health Sceening
  • Respirator Medical Evaluations
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver's Medical
  • Rail Safety Worker Medicals (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3)
  • Oil and Gas UK Medical (OGUK/UKOOA)

All medical services are by appointment only. For more information, or to book a medical, call us on +61 8 9537 5700, email or contact us here!