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Occupational Health Monitoring in the workplace

08 August 2017

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, 1996, for Western Australia require that the employer, main contractor or self-employed person will undertake a risk assessment for each hazard from a “toxic atmosphere”.  Toxic atmosphere is defined as one where the concentration of the atmospheric contaminant exceeds its exposure standard (8-hour time weighted average basis) and presents a risk to

Work-related Stress

01 August 2017

In Australia, more than $133.9 million was paid in benefits to workers who had made claims related to workplace stress during the 2004/2005 financial year. According to the National Health and Safety Commission, work-related stress accounts for the longest stretches of absenteeism.

National Diabetes Week

25 July 2017

Diabetes is the epidemic of 21st century and is the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system. In 2013, 1.5 million deaths globally were a result of diabetes complications.

Commercial Vehicle Driver’s Medical

18 July 2017

Studies undertaken into the risk factors for commercial drivers, including heavy vehicle and long haul drivers, have indentified that commercial drivers face some of the worst occupational health statistics.