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Are they fit for the job?

09 January 2018

Pre-employment medical checks provide a baseline understanding of the health status of job applicants. They provide the prospective employer assurance of the suitability of an individual worker to a particular job role, and determine if applicants are fit and capable of carrying out the tasks of the position for which they are being recruited.

Safe Removal of non-Friable Asbestos Containing Material

21 November 2017

It is important that safe working procedures are used when handling and removing ACM to reduce asbestos fibre release, and minimise potential health risk.

Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) refers to building products that generally consist of between 5 to 15% asbestos fibres in cement or other bonding material. 

Respiratory Protection Devices

31 October 2017

Airborne hazards in the workplace, such as dusts, gases, vapours, smoke and fumes have the potential to cause or exacerbate a range of serious respiratory diseases such as; asthma, asbestosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancers of the respiratory system.

Respiratory protection devices

Preventing Lead Poisoning in the Workplace

17 October 2017

Employees that work around products or materials that contain lead could be exposing themselves and family members to potential health problems. Workers should be informed of the health effects associated with exposure to inorganic lead including the different risks to men and women and people of younger age (<18) prior to commencement of employment.