Occuhealth News

Fitness to drive

03 April 2018

Truck driving in Australia is the “deadliest profession” according to Safe Work Australia. With up to 330 people killed each year in truck crashes on Australian roads, these deaths amounting to 30% of all worker fatalities.

Respirator & Earplug Fit Testing

27 March 2018

Inhalation is the most common route by which dangerous substances enter the body, and whilst personal respiratory devices are used to protect employees, they will not be offering the anticipated protection if they fail to be fitted correctly.

Risk-Based Hygiene Management Plan

27 February 2018

Risk-based hygiene management planning (RBHMP) is a requirement of the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) for all mines sites to adhere to.  The RBHMP is intended to accurately describe all health hazards within operating environments and the controls required to prevent harm to the person’s from these health hazards.

Health Surveillance Medicals

23 January 2018

Medical assessments provide a baseline understanding of the health status of current and prospective employees.