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Asbestos Services

14 August 2018

Whilst employers are aware that asbestos is a hazardous material, what is less understood is how the risks should be managed and controlled within the workplace. Occuhealth works with you to provide the right mix of strategic advice and support from the services below.

Asbestos consultancy services:

New Oil and Gas Accredited Doctor

10 July 2018

Occuhealth's Director, Dr Julia Norris, has become our Oil and Gas UK Medical certified doctor! After a recent trip to Scotland, Dr Norris undertook the industry specific course and joined the short list of Australian Doctors that can perform this medical.

Mobile drug and alcohol screening

03 July 2018

­­­Drug and Alcohol screening is increasingly becoming a critical component in the health surveillance of workers to ensure the safety of all personnel in the workplace.

Rail Medical

05 June 2018

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers aims to ensure the national rail system is safe and to help rail workers maintain sound health and fitness. It also aims to ensure health assessment standards are consistent across the rail industry.