Ergonomic Assessments

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The design and function of the workplace can have an important bearing on both the comfort of the individual and the potential for accidents and injury, leading to significant impacts on overall performance and productivity.

Occuhealth conducts comprehensive ergonomic assessments, identifying high-risk tasks and designing practical solutions to alleviate the risk of harm to employees.

Ergonomic assessments can help with:

  • Work area design and layout
  • Systems of work and work organisation
  • Nature, size, weight and number of things being handles and
  • Workplace environments

A number of issues involve manual handling tasks, where problems can arise around activities that involve heavy manual labour, awkward postures and materials handling. Previous or existing injuries are also risk factors that may need to be considered.

Hazards that arise from manual tasks generally involve an interaction between a worker and:

  • The work tasks and how they are performed;
  • The tools, equipment and objects handles; and
  • The physical work environment.

How can Occuhealth help?

Occuhealth can perform the following:

  • Identify tasks that represent increased risk related to ergonomics and manual handling.
  • Deliver a report with suggestions on how to implement suitable effective preventative and protective measures to reduce the ergonomic risk.
  • Deliver ergonomics and manual handling training to the workforce.
Our team of experienced staff are ready to assist in the preparation of these assessments.
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