Coronavirus: The Importance of Social Distancing

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COVID-19 is now a global pandemic, but there continues to be confusion and panic in response to calls for social distancing.

From reports we’re receiving from other countries, Covid-19 is causing more problems the longer a country waits to enforce social distancing and isolation.  Those countries who have managed successfully are those who have ordered home isolation and social distancing as early as possible.

So let’s be clear, social distancing and isolation is NOT about stopping Covid-19, but it WILL slow the rate at which vulnerable people are exposed and become unwell. This will in turn reduce the burden on hospitals and healthcare systems, and to allow those who need medical attention to survive, to access the necessary care they require.

We need to slow the spread in order to slow the patient load on overwhelmed hospitals and healthcare systems.  We do not want to face the prospect, as has happened in Italy, of having to choose who we treat and who we cannot.  There simply will not be enough medical care to go around, if we do not slow the spread.

So PLEASE follow the advice of your local and national health authorities. Stay home if you are unwell, quarantine if you are high risk, avoid unnecessary gatherings and let’s all help “flatten the curve”.

By: Dr Julia Norris

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